A Beginner’s Guide to Red Light Therapy

What is Red Light Therapy?

The terms “red light therapy” and “photobiomodulation therapy” have become widely used in the health and wellness community in the last few years. Both mean the same. Various doctors, influences, and practitioners promote the benefits of red light therapy or photobiomodulation therapy (also well known by this name). Several professional sports teams now have separate red light therapy rooms, and they believe in capitalizing on its benefits. Several people have started to look at red light products as options for their wellness requirements. Many of the therapy’s benefits are viable, and others have been proven and supported by clinical and exploratory research.

What benefits can be experienced with red light therapy?

It shows promising positive results for various health issues like hair loss, muscle repair, nerve pain, skin issues, insomnia, and some mental issues as well. With this therapy, people can experience various benefits, like improvement in sleep and skin and relief from pain.

Is red light therapy safe?

This therapy is safe and doesn’t have any side effects if used short-term and as directed by the doctors. It is neither toxic nor invasive and is not harsh like other topical skin treatments.

Are there any side effects of photobiomodulation therapy?

Every individual’s body responds differently to this therapy. There are very minimal side effects of this therapy, and the problem faced by individuals might be something that no one else has. Therefore, when starting any light therapy, one should start slowly and do an initial patch test to confirm that there is no adverse reaction to it. Some individuals are sensitive to intense light, and some might not know about the responses until they use an intense light therapy device.

How often should photobiomodulation therapy be used?

The frequency of the red light therapy sessions depends on which type of health condition you want to treat. With this therapy, you can treat certain health conditions almost immediately, while stimulating hair growth might take a long time. If you think about how much time you will require to get the best results, the answer is a one-size-fits-all solution. Several people might observe results within only 15 minutes with daily sessions and consistently for about 3-5 times a week for several months.

Time Required to Experience the Results

You will experience a reduction in symptoms early in the first treatment session using red light therapy. It is crucial to maintain consistency to get the most out of this therapy. At least once daily is recommended, although you can use this device 2-3 times a day, and it proves beneficial for symptomatic areas. Red light therapy has been proven effective and works speedily.

What are the different types of red light therapy devices and applications?

The diversity and availability of red therapy products are increasing each year. There are red light panels, red light masks, red light intranasal devices, red light beds, red light helmets, and simple red light lamps. There is a wide range of red light panels used for topical applications, and these panels are available in different sizes and power options. Some panels comprise both red light and near-infrared light sources. These sources include devices to enhance hair growth and reduce aging.

Benefits You Get with PBM Therapy at the Clinic

This therapy treats the underlying root cause of diseases and cellular dysfunction at the source. It enables a wide variety of health benefits for people of all ages. Whether you are a busy mom, a health expert, or a sportsperson, you can reap huge benefits from using this therapy.

This therapy is a safe and natural way to heal your body from the comfort of your home. Devices that offer this therapy are easy to use and are a simple way to get a healthy dose of daily natural light. Taking 10 minutes a day to use a red light therapy device is all you require to keep your body cells young and healthy.

Advantages of Using Photobiomodulation Therapy at Home

Having a high-quality red and near-infrared light therapy (NIR) device at your home helps you use it whenever you get out of your comfort zone. It eliminates the need to book salon or spa sessions and spend $100-$150 to get your daily dose of red light. It offers you benefits without compromising on irradiance, power, or safety, similar to other devices on the market.


Medical practitioners, beauty experts, and professional athletes make use of vital red light therapy for the most effective and proven treatment.


How can you protect your eyes during red light therapy?

The blackout goggles give the best eye protection during red light therapy. These goggles can be considered a large shield that covers the orbital region and blocks potentially harmful and degenerative rays from the eyes.

What is the optimal red light dosage?

The optimal red light dosage depends on three factors:
  • Health conditions you want to treat
  • Your overall health
  • Your skin’s sensitivity to light

Is any red light suitable to reap the benefits for our body?

No. You require a light source that emits the correct wavelengths and has a high enough power density to offer benefits similar to red light therapy.

What are some other medical conditions that can be treated with red light therapy?

Scientists are currently researching other potential medical conditions that can be treated with red light therapy. These are the benefits they believe can be experienced with red light therapy:
  • It reduces side effects of chemotherapy, including oral mucositis
  • It helps relieve pain and inflammation related to ankle tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and osteoarthritis of the knee
  • It helps prevent cold sores from the herpes simplex virus from recurring