Who Can Benefit from Photobiomodulation Therapy?

Photobiomodulation therapy is packed with multiple benefits which play a vital role in the wellbeing and longevity of an individual’s life. The benefits of PBM therapy are myriad, such as improving sleep quality, slowing aging, reducing depression, decreasing inflammation, and providing more energy. This therapy includes the use of light to stimulate heat and regenerate, heal, and protect cells in the body that have been degenerated, injured, or are at the risk of dying.

This therapy is also well known as low-level light therapy. There are some other effects of this therapy, which include better wound healing and faster hair growth. Low-level laser light has beneficial applications in medicine. As photobiomodulation therapy has a great effect on mitochondrial health, any type of ailment caused by its dysfunction can be theoretically helped with PBM therapy. Some experts believe that adrenal fatigue is due to mitochondrial dysfunction, so in this case, PBM therapy proves helpful to treat this ailment.

Believe it or not, the benefits of photobiomodulation therapy are diverse and far-reaching—from treating inflammation to increasing blood circulation to boosting the flow of oxygen and nutrients through your body. It is a natural treatment loaded with amazing healing powers. This therapy can benefit several people facing health issues.

The following people can reap the benefits of photobiomodulation therapy: 

  • Cancer Patients Studies have shown that near-infrared light has the power to target and destroy cancer-producing cells in the body. Based on a recent study, near-infrared light proves useful in killing cancer cells in mice. Researchers have discovered that near-infrared light when applied to cancer cells causes them to swell, burst, and die. Treatments are being developed for applying PBM technology to cancer patients.
  • AthletesAthletes can significantly benefit from PBM therapy. The light emitted by PBM devices like BodyGuard penetrates the skin down into the muscles and accelerates the healing procedure by stimulating mitochondria. Muscle cells are particularly dense with mitochondria that are extremely responsive to red light therapy. The mitochondria in muscle cells assist with energy production and help in accelerating the natural healing procedure and recovery. Athletes with minor to severe injuries can greatly benefit from this natural treatment.
  • Chronic Pain Sufferers Researchers have analyzed how red light therapy helped reduce pain and hypersensitivity a rat was experiencing due to injury. The rat experienced improved motor function. There was a reduction seen in the quantity of cells; they died near the site of the spinal cord. PBM therapy slows the death of affected cells and has been shown to reduce pain by easing soreness and inflammation, reducing muscle spasms and increasing blood flow.

Caution & Side Effects

This therapy is well researched, is approved by the FDA, and is usually safe for most people. Below are some of the few cautions that need to be considered:

  • Even though it is safe for pregnant women, it is still suggested to first discuss it with a midwife or doctor before you make any decision on undergoing this therapy.
  • PBM machines use pulsing light. People with a history of seizures would be better off with a non-pulsing light.
  • The red light from a PBM machine is considered safe, but might prove too bright for some people. Therefore, as a way to protect your eyes against it, you can wear tanning goggles.

The popularity of this therapy is increasing among chiropractors, doctors, athletic trainers, podiatrists, sports medicine professionals, and veterinarians. PBM therapy holds tremendous promise in medicine and wellness for drug-free pain relief. It also proves helpful in decreased inflammation and accelerated healing procedures, but should be administered with products that offer optimal dosage and penetration, which is determined by using correct wavelengths, power levels, and suitable operating modes.


What are the major benefits of PBM therapy?

The major benefits of PBM therapy include wound tissue regeneration, inflammation reduction, and analgesic effects.

What happens to the brain and body during (PBM) Photobiomodulation therapy?

When PBM therapy is directed at the head, photons from the light enter through your skull and scalp into the brain, which leads to several effects. One of the effects is seen in the mitochondria, the energy powerhouse of all our cells. Light enhances mitochondrial functioning, which leads to energy production.

Will photobiomodulation therapy enhance my physical and mental performance?

There have been several reports stating the positive effects of PBM on cognitive enhancement in healthy individuals. According to researchers, cognitive enhancement has been noticed, including improved memory, attention, and mood. PBM therapy makes you work better mentally and physically.

How does Photobiomodulation therapy affect your brain?

This therapy delivers light particles to the brain that stimulate mitochondria present there. This encourages blood flow and helps lower inflammation in the brain. It helps your brain to create new nerve cells.