34th clinical
application for age
management medicine conference

April 26-30, 2023 | Miami, Florida

Join us for an illuminating four-day event, packed with the latest medical research, insightful presentations, and expert panel discussions. Stop by our booth to discuss our products and learn about BAHI Therapy. We are offering a limited amount of passes with 50% off, so you can earn 12 CEU credits with a savings of $750!

Get equipped with contemporary specialty expertise so you can modernize your practice or enhance Age Management Medicine proficiency – including how to become Certified in Age Management! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

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ammg spring 2023 regenerative medicine workshop

April 27th, 2023 – Miami, Florida

Regenerative medicine goes beyond disease management to search for and discover therapies that support the body in repairing, regenerating and restoring itself to a state of well-being. From surgical interventions to treatments for lifelong degenerative and disabling conditions, regenerative medicine therapies prompt the body to enact a self-healing response. These advancements in patient care across a wide range of medical specialties point to new solutions to expand and maintain optimal health and quality of life.

  • Unlocking the Secrets of Age Reversal
  • Regenerative Medicine Injections For Managing Pain
  • Evidence-Based Best Practices and Essentials in PRP Preparations to Achieve Significant Patient Outcomes
  • Pre & Post Procedure Recommendations: Ensuring Your Patients Get the Most Out of Their Regenerative Medicine Treatment
  • Regenerative Medicine for Optimum Sexual Wellness for Men and Women
  • Peptides for Athletic Performance
  • Peptides for Cancer Therapy and Prevention
  • Peptides for Pain
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Whole Body Photobiomodulation (PBM) Chamber

Our Whole-Body Photobiomodulation (PBM) Chamber is a full body and mind healing experience. A major product used in BAHI Therapy, this deeply restorative product is the perfect way to soothe both the body and soul, serving as an effective way to help the body heal itself of diseases that are the result of diet and lifestyle choices.

Photobiomodulation therapy is a safe and effective way to help treat many different diseases such as autoimmune conditions, nerve damage, and heart problems, to name a few. From stress relief and a healthy immune system to strong blood circulation, you can experience the healing powers of our uniquely multifaceted product that caters to a variety of health issues.

Blood Circulation, Capillary Restoration

Cell Restoration, Elasticity enhancement

Activate Mitochondria

ATP Synthesis, Nitric Oxide (NO) production

Maintain hormonal balance

Increase body temperature

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee specific results and results may vary from person to person

Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Device (H-2000)

The most potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecule ever known, molecular hydrogen (H2), is made available to you through the Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Device H-2000. Almost double the output of the H-1200, generating 2,100 CC of gas per minute on average.

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Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

  • 99.99% gas purity
  • Polyelectrolyte method (PEM)
  • Uses sterile distilled water (no additives)

Our Products for Your Healthy Immune System

Your clients don’t need to live with less than the best; we have a wide selection of KC, CE, RoHS, and FDA certified products suited for their health concerns. Clients can experience the healing process with our products that will provide them with the relief they deserve.

Space Energy Device

This device can help plants and trees grow faster, and it can also help to reduce the risk of minor illnesses such as the common cold.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule

Our hyperbaric oxygen therapy machine is a significant BAHI Therapy device, and it can help with peripheral circulation issues, brain disorders, and infected wounds. Over 40% of concentrated O2 is absorbed inside our high-pressure hyperbaric oxygen device, increasing the oxygen saturation level inside the cells and blood vessels.

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Sonicwave Vibration Device

With the help of this product, which is a crucial BAHI Therapy device, you can have the chance to experience increased flexibility and joint mobility, providing a workout effect without straining your joints, ligaments, and tendons.

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H-1200 Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Device

H2 is the most powerful antioxidant, providing an extensive number of benefits for numerous health concerns, including bronchitis, chronic fatigue, and brain diseases (i.e., Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s).

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Breast PBM Irradiator

Flexible with a skin-like touch, our LLLT device helps alleviate the numerous pains that are experienced by pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, and those experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

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Abdomen PBM Irradiator

The device is programmed with different levels of programmable modes based on Nogier frequencies, each tailored to the symptoms you feel.

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Discover How Our Devices Stack Up Against Competitors

With our products, you can experience an unequaled level of performance and a set of features that can’t be beat! Find out why it’s the superior choice for those seeking optimal results!

Hydrogen Inhalation Device

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BAHI Therapy

Short for Blood circulation, Antioxidant, Hormonal balance, and Immunity, BAHI Therapy is Hue Light’s groundbreaking care program, developed to alleviate a variety of health conditions. BAHI therapy is the most rudimentary treatment available, focusing on treating the underlying source of abnormalities at the cellular level by stimulating natural healing responses in the blood, immune, and endocrine systems.

  • Sonix Sonicwave Vibration Therapy

  • Whole-Body PBM + Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

  • Hyperbaric (High-Pressure) Oxygen Therapy

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Positive User Experiences

  • 90.2% of users were highly satisfied with their results
  • 9 out of 10 users showed satisfaction with BAHI Therapy
  • 8.5 out of 10 users repurchased a BAHI Therapy Immune package more than 3 times prior to purchasing home support

General Session Layout

60 Minutes
1 Sessions
10 Sessions
1 Package

Case Studies

Check out our case studies to learn more about those who have experienced
the healing powers of Hue Light for themselves.

Hydrogen/oxygen therapy for the treatment of an acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: results of a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, parallel-group controlled trial

To investigate whether the administration of hydrogen/oxygen mixture was superior to oxygen in improving symptoms in patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Antitumor Activity of Protons and Molecular Hydrogen: Underlying Mechanisms

Understanding the structure and dynamics of the various hydrogen forms has been a subject of numerous studies. Protons (H+) and molecular hydrogen (H2) in the

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The role of photodynamic therapy in breast cancer – A review of in vitro research

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women and the incidence of occurrence is increasing. Currently, there are many methods of detecting and treating

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Hydrogen inhalation ameliorates ventilator-induced lung injury

Mechanical ventilation (MV) can provoke oxidative stress and an inflammatory response, and subsequently cause ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI), a major cause of mortality and morbidity

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