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Exploring Holistic Wellness w/
Dr. Mitch Ghen

Discover the latest in alternative and complementary medicine with Dr. Mitch Ghen. Each month, Dr. Ghen brings on a new guest to investigate ways to improve our health.

  • Dive deep on new integrative approaches
  • Hear patient and practitioner perspectives
  • Learn about nutrition, biohacking, anti-aging and more

The Hue Light USA podcast is hosted
by Dr. Mitch Ghen, a renowned
integrative medicine expert.

With over 42 years of experience in anti-aging, holistic, and integrative medicine, Dr. Mitch Ghen is a distinguished authority in his field. He combines his expertise in nutritional medicine with his remarkable accomplishments as a clinician and researcher in stem cell transplantation.

In addition to being a physician, Dr. Mitch holds a master's degree in bio-mechanical trauma and a PhD in nutrition and psychoneuroimmunology.

He is an esteemed international lecturer on oral and IV nutrition, as well as stem cell transplantation, and is recognized as a premier teacher at conferences and seminars focused on integrative medicine. Dr. Mitch's private practice is based in Boca Raton, Florida.

Drawing upon his vast academic knowledge and captivating delivery style, Dr. Mitch stands in a unique position to help providers improve patient outcomes and revenue.

He is the co-author of four textbooks including the "Advanced Guide to Longevity Medicine," "The Ghen and Raine's Guide to Compounding Pharmaceuticals," "The Anti-Aging Physician's Handbook for Compounding Pharmaceuticals," and "The Essentials and Science of IV Parenteral Medicine."

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