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On Building a Holistic Wellness Revolution (with Kimberly Whittle)

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Kimberly Whittle is the founder of KnoWewell, a trusted resource for information about holistic health online. In this month’s podcast, Whittle talks about how she become interested in holistic health (regenerative whole health), and her vision for transforming traditional healthcare.

Listen to learn:

  1. How she discovered holistic healing and started using it her personal life.
  2. About KnoWewell, a hub of regenerative whole health information, and its collaboration with Natural Awakenings.
  3. What comes next for KnoWewell and Whittle’s vision for transforming healthcare.
(Describing the power of holistic wellness with her family): It really seemed like a complete miracle. He had had eczema to the point where his fingers would bleed. It was the first time in his life that it was completely cleared. Not only did those pseudogout pains go away, but he got his life’s energy back, started exercising, lost 30 pounds. It was a different life.

Topics Covered:

  • Finding holistic wellness. How her family’s personal health struggles sparked an interest in natural healing.
  • Changing trajectory. How her growing interest in holistic health led to a career change (from CPA to holistic wellness visionary).
  • A trusted source. Her journey in creating KnoWewell and collaborating with Natural Awakenings.

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