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Chanie’s Story: Finding Success with Alternative Parkinson’s Treatments

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Chanie’s Story: Finding Success with Alternative Parkinson’s Treatments

Chanie Pechter shares her journey of living with Parkinson’s disease and how she’s managed symptoms with hydrogen inhalation therapy, BAHI Therapy, diet and exercise. Chanie and husband Rabbi Chaim Pechter discuss her initial diagnosis, the challenges she faced, and the lifestyle changes she made to improve her health.

Listen to learn:

  1. Chanie emphasizes the importance of taking an active role in your health following a diagnosis.
  2. She highlights the benefits she’s experienced from treating Parkinson’s symptoms with BAHI Therapy.
  3. They discuss how the Hue Light protocol, along with diet modifications and exercise, can have immediate and transformative results.
After three treatments, I turned to my husband and said, ‘Did you see that? That’s unbelievable.’

Topics Covered:

  • Parkinson’s diagnosis. Chanie shares her initial diagnosis and how she found out.
  • Starting BAHI Therapy. Insights on how she and her husband found Hue Light USA and BAHI Therapy.
  • Positive Impact. Chanie highlights some of the positive impacts since starting treatment, including improved mobility, pain relief, and reduced stiffness.

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