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Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy: Guidebook – By Youn Sung Lee (2020)

Molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy is a relatively new healthcare approach. Yet, it offers innumerable benefits to our health.

As one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, molecular hydrogen can help:

  • Prevent chronic disease
  • Restore healthy immune function
  • Reduce inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Neutralize harmful free radicals
  • Support healthy lung function

Learn the distinct ways that hydrogen inhalation offers full-body support in this ground-breaking guide. Author Youn Sung Lee provides a primer on molecular hydrogen inhalation, how it supports overall health, and how it can be integrated into modern treatment plans.

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About The Author

After being diagnosed with colon cancer, Youn Sung Lee began exploring alternative medicine. He returned to school to earn a degree in immunophysiology, and began to research molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy and its effect on immune system function. Ultimately, Lee developed BAHI Therapy, a multimodal treatment protocol that targets the underlying causes of disease.