Sonix Sonicwave Vibration Device

The Sonix sonicwave vibration machine can help you get fit, improve balance, release tension, and restore bone density. The Sonix vibration machine provides a low-impact, workout-like experience that can help reduce stress on your joints, ligaments, and tendons. The machine is designed to generate sonic wave energy that travels through the whole body. This energy can help soothe muscles in hard-to-stimulate areas. Use our sonic vibration machine in the first stage of our BAHI Therapy protocol. Sonic wave vibration mobilizes red blood cells, which can help to maximize the effectiveness of BAHI treatments (photobiomodulation, molecular hydrogen, and hyperbaric oxygen therapies).

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What is Sonix Sonicwave Vibration Therapy?

Sonic vibration therapy is a natural, non-invasive therapy that relaxes muscles and burns calories (much more than regular exercise). During a vibration therapy session, wave energy is delivered throughout the whole body, smoothing ligaments and tendons that are hard to stimulate (even the smallest muscles in the face and inside the pelvis) through regular exercise.

Clients have experienced improved blood circulation, faster muscle recovery, and improved balanced by using our Sonix Whole Body Vibration Machine. Vibration therapy works by stimulating powerful muscle contractions that mimics the types of contractions caused by traditional exercise. Synergistic effects occur when sonic wave vibration therapy is combined with previous power training and/or whole-body PBM therapy, molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Our Sonix whole-body vibration machine can enhance:

  • Blood and lymph circulation
  • Bone mineral density
  • Flexibility
  • Metabolism
  • Muscular and nervous systems
  • Postural control

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Regular use of our sonic vibration machine may offer these benefits: 

  • Body fat reduction
  • Cellulite removal
  • No pressure on the joints, ligaments, and tendons
  • Concurrent aerobic and anaerobic exercise effect


Model SW-VM15 SW-VC15
Applicable Frequency 0.1~100,000Hz 0.1~100,000Hz
Operating Frequency 3~50Hz, & 55,60,65,70Hz 3~50Hz, & 55,60,65,70Hz
Max. Loading Weight Max 130 Kg Max 250 Kg
Power Source 110-120V/50Hz, 60Hz
220-240V/50Hz, 60Hz
110-120V/50Hz, 60Hz
220-240V/50Hz, 60Hz
Power Consumption 210W 230W
Sonic Wave Generator 150Φ 150Φ
Operating Conditions Temp.: 0-40°C (32-140°F)
Humidity: 0-80%
Temp.: 0-40°C (32-140°F)
Humidity: 0-80%
Size 700mm X 750mm X 1450mm 850mm X 850mm X 1450mm
Weight Body 12kg, Plate 35Kg Body 12kg, Plate 65Kg
Color Options Silver, White Silver

* This specifications are subject to change at manufacturer’s discretion without prior notice.

Electrical Specifications

  • VC15 / VM 15
  • Dedicated 110V
  • UPS Line Conditioner Recommended


  • 3 years


SONIX Training Program – Stimulation Area per Frequency

3Hz whole body exercise
4Hz arms, shoulders
5Hz chest, shoulders
6Hz shoulders, back
7Hz hips, back, abdomen(Trunk)
8Hz abdomen, hip, thigh
9Hz thigh, hip, abdomen
10Hz waist, thigh(inner)
11Hz thigh(inner), prostate(male)
12Hz thigh, face
13Hz whole body(vertebra), face, knees
14Hz whole body(vertebra), shoulders, knees
15Hz thigh(front), calves, knees
16Hz thigh(front), calves, knees
17Hz abdomen, thigh(inner), pelvis(front)
18Hz whole body stimulation(streching)
19Hz whole body stimulation(streching)
20Hz whole body stimulation(streching)
21Hz pelvis(side), sartorius, lower abdomen(female)
22Hz pelvis(side), sartorius, lower abdomen(female)
23Hz calves, thigh(back)
24Hz calves, thigh(back)
25Hz calves, thigh(back)
26Hz~ entire upper muscle stimulation, neuromuscular training, BMD enhancement, rehabilitation training, muscle massage, circulation massage