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Hue Light USA Master Class Reviews

"Having attended numerous workshops throughout my career, I can confidently say that your Hue Light USA Masterclass stands out as one of the most profound and comprehensive experiences I've had. As a passionate Neurologist committed to improving patient outcomes, I have always been inclined toward traditional treatment methods. However, Hue Light USA University not only provided me with invaluable knowledge but also allowed me to personally experience the remarkable efficacy of their cutting-edge technology.

Inspired by the transformative impact of the Hue Light USA Masterclass, both personally and professionally, my wife, who is my business manager, and I have made the momentous decision to establish a new Interventional Neuro Rehab center. This decision stems directly from the insights gained and the unwavering belief we now have in the power of these innovative treatments. We are incredibly grateful for the knowledge and inspiration imparted during the masterclass, as it has propelled us to embark on this exciting new venture that will positively impact countless lives."

-Dr. Syed Asad MD (Neurologist)

"It is with genuine enthusiasm that I reflect upon the masterclass orchestrated by Dr. Ghen on the subject of Hue Light technology. The depth and breadth of Dr. Ghen's didactic presentation were rivaled only by the hands-on experiential learning which he so skillfully facilitated. The technology presented to us stood out not just in its remarkable construction but also in its sheer ease of use and its myriad of scientific advantages. Hailing from Central and South America, we've often encountered challenges when trying to implement new technologies. Yet, this masterclass has imbued us with the confidence to expand our horizons, with the knowledge that these products will serve as the shining beacons in our growth journey. In today's world, it is indeed rare to encounter products that not only meet but surpass their descriptions. Our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ghen for an enlightening experience that will undoubtedly shape the future of our ventures in the region."

-Nicolas Peña CEO

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Hue Light Masterclass led by Dr. Mitchell Ghen, D.O., PhD. As the Founder of 4BPM, I often encounter various protocols seeking implementation in our practice. We adhere to a philosophy of adopting treatments that offer measurable, empirically-supported results. This Masterclass focused on technologies and modalities aimed at enhancing patient health and wellness. Notably, the Hue Light BAHI protocol, accompanied by pre-and post-testing, yielded impressive results.

The array of tests and treatments encompassed brain scans (WAVi), autonomic nervous system assessments, blood tests, nitric oxide evaluations, molecular hydrogen therapy, hyperbaric chamber sessions, photobiomodulation, and a sonicwave vibration device.

A personal highlight was the brain scans. Observing my brain's activity was enlightening, emphasizing the significance of brain health in overall wellness. My brain voltage, initially at 11.6, surged to over 26 following the BAHI protocol. The Autonomic Nervous System Testing offered insights into my body's stress response, guiding me to better manage stress for optimal health. Dr. Ghen also recommended simple treatments to balance my sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

The comprehensive blood tests provided valuable health insights, while the Nitric Oxide Testing shed light on my cardiovascular health and the role of nitric oxide. The Molecular Hydrogen Therapy was particularly intriguing, demonstrating the profound health impacts of this element. Hyperbaric chamber sessions offered tangible benefits, and the photobiomodulation sessions, familiar to me, consistently amaze me with their therapeutic effects of light.

Dr. Ghen’s expertise in body systems and treatment modalities is exceptional. His knowledge and practical application in assisting patients left a lasting impression. Overall, the Masterclass was more than just about treatments; it was an empowering journey of health education. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance their understanding and wellbeing.

-Benjamin Lee (Chief Medical Officer)

Class was an outstanding, information detailed and useful! Best of all being able to interact with Mitch and Hue light team! Have your own test done, see the results and paint path for improvement! Amazing

-Dr. Svetlana Kovtunova, MD

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