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Experience the latest innovative technologies and revolutionize your practice. Join us at upcoming tradeshows or attend our exclusive master classes with Dr. Ghen. Don't miss the chance to learn how to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into your own practice.'

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IFM Annual International Conference

Booth #807

Location: Bellagio Hotel - Las Vegas, NV

Dates: May 29- June 1, 2024

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Meet Hue Light's Visionary Founder

Meet Hue Light's Visionary Founder

You might not know this, but Hue Light was founded because of a cancer diagnosis.

Our founder, Dr. Youn Sung Lee, who spent 20+ years growing an engineering business, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Unhappy with available treatments, Dr. Lee closed his business and began studying immunophysiology.

His research led him to natural, non-invasive treatments like photobiomodulation, hydrogen inhalation, vibration, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. And during his studies, he discovered the synergistic potential of these treatments to treat the root cause of illness, a protocol he developed called BAHI Therapy.

Using BAHI Therapy, Dr. Lee overcame his cancer diagnosis.

For the last decade, he has dedicated himself to perfecting the best alternative medical devices on the market. Hue Light is a testament to Dr. Lee's vision and passion!

Meet Dr. Lee at the IFM Conference. Dr. Lee will be on hand to answer your questions and offer insights.

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