Space Energy Device

With its constant geometric structured plate, this eye-catching Hue Light therapy device is able to cohere and emit energy with its constant geometric structured plate. This near-to-zero, nonelectronic magnetic energy, which differs from electric energy, aids in vivo activity through rotary (swirl) motion. This energy aids in balancing the microorganisms by adjusting the energy flow and matter inside the space. This unknown energy has been referred to as scalar energy, zero-point energy, and vacuum energy.

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Further Information About Our Space Energy Device

In 2000, NASA found that only 4% of the substances discovered in space-time have been identified while the remaining 96% is still unknown dark matter. Every moment, this mysterious dark matter and energy penetrate our bodies and the universe. However, since there is no way to prove its existence, it has been scientifically disregarded.

Though undoubtedly unique in its own way, our device is similar to our other products we offer, such as our Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule, photobiomodulation therapy machine, and breast irradiation device, to name a few, as all of them are designed to potentially naturally heal your specific health concerns and provide you with the relief you’ve been looking for. Additionally, this product can have a positive influence on living things as the microorganisms in the air change, potentially creating a more balanced living environment for everyone. Thanks to the balance of energy and matter in your space, plants and trees could also grow healthier.

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Our Space Energy Device may potentially offer the following benefits for both the environment and users:

  • Elemental change in water occurs
  • Good fermentation without rotting
  • Little to no oxidation occurrence
  • Plants and trees grow well
  • Recovery of metabolic-related diseases (after long exposure to a place with our device and drinking water in that area)
  • Reduced occurrence of minor illnesses (including the common cold)