Breast PBM Irradiator 

With our flexible and compact breast irradiation device with a skin-like touch, you can experience photobiomodulation therapy at home to soothe the symptoms that come with pregnancy, breastfeeding, PMS, and breast cancer aftermath. Our LLLT device involves red and near-infrared light penetrating deeply into the lymph nodes as well as the muscles. To effectively lessen any breast-related pain, applying this device to the breast and the lymphatic nodes under the armpit is crucial. This product consists of 8 levels of programmable modes for the symptoms you experience based on Nogier frequencies.

2 Steps to Healthy Breasts with Our Breast PBM Irradiator

  1. 30-minute lymph exercise
  2. 30-minute breast PBM therapy

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy?

Also known as photobiomodulation, LLLT is also referred to as a number of other terms, including red light therapy, cold laser therapy, low-intensity light therapy, and soft laser therapy, and has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a non-invasive light source treatment that emits only a single wavelength of light and doesn’t produce any sound or vibration. This type of light treatment causes biochemical changes in cells, similar to the process of photosynthesis in plants, in which photons are absorbed by cellular photoreceptors and chemical changes are generated. Our breast PBM irradiator is meant to impact the function of connective tissue cells (fibroblasts), accelerate the repair of connective tissue, and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

Nogier Frequencies

Nogier frequencies represent the information received and produced by our body and are used for both diagnosing and treating conditions. Nogier frequencies are the most popular pulse frequencies used in this kind of treatment. There are different levels of healing that can take place, and it depends on the specific Nogier frequency that is pulsing. These various levels can go from surface-level healing to deep within the organs.

The levels of programmable modes are intended for:

  • Autonomic nervous system balance
  • Brain activity/memory
  • Blood circulation
  • Cellular activity
  • Frequency cycling
  • Hormonal balance
  • Nerve pain control
  • Stress reduction

There are 4 areas that are targeted in PBM Radiation Therapy: 

  • Lymph nodes to minimize edema and inflammation
  • Nerves to activate analgesia
  • The site of the injury to stimulate healing, provide reconstruction, and reduce inflammation
  • Trigger points to relieve soreness and relax tight muscle fibers

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The best LLLT device for breast-related pain helps relieve these common symptoms:

  • Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer Survivors: breast swelling, skin dimpling, breast and/or nipple pain, and thickened breast skin
  • Breastfeeding moms: blocked breast milk flow, breast lumps, sharp and burning breast pain, and sore nipples
  • Pregnant women: breast tenderness, mastitis, and sore, heavy, or tingly breasts
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS): breast swelling, breast tenderness and heaviness, and overall pain


When you use our low-level laser therapy device, it can help:

  • Minimize pain
  • Increase immunity
  • Diminish inflammation
  • Regenerate tissue