Breast PBM Irradiator


Breast PBM Irradiator – New Upgraded Model
Designed for maximum comfort, our breast PBM red light therapy pad works to help soothe pain and revitalize the lymph nodes. Equipped with red and near-infrared light, this device works to deliver light energy that penetrates deep into the lymph nodes (under arm) and breast muscles. Vary light pulse based on the Nogier frequencies to optimize output for your symptoms.

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2 Steps to Potentially Achieving Healthy Breasts with Our Breast Red Light Therapy Pad

  1. 30-minute lymph exercise
  2. 30-minute breast PBM therapy

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy (RLT) is a form of photobiomodulation light therapy, or low-level laser light therapy. This non-invasive therapy offers pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, helping to restore cellular function and reverse oxidative stress. This device has been specifically designed to deliver red light therapy for breast and lymph node pain and accelerate the repair of breast tissue.

Nogier Frequencies

Nogier frequencies represent the information received and produced by our body and are used for both diagnosing and treating conditions. Nogier frequencies are the most popular pulse frequencies used in this kind of treatment. There are different levels of healing that can take place, and it depends on the specific Nogier frequency that is pulsing. These various levels can go from surface-level healing to deep within the organs.

There are 4 areas that are targeted in PBM Radiation Therapy: 

  • Lymph nodes to minimize edema and inflammation
  • Nerves to activate analgesia
  • The site of the injury to stimulate healing, provide reconstruction, and reduce inflammation
  • Trigger points to relieve soreness and relax tight muscle fibers

Cited Resources

  • Elevates tissue temperature
  • Temporary relief of minor muscle pain
  • Temporary relief of minor joint pain
  • Temporary relief of arthritis
  • Temporary relief of muscle spasm
  • Relieves stiffness
  • Promotes relaxation of muscle tissue
  • Temporarily increase local blood circulation


Power Input, 110V ~ 230V 50 ~ 60 Hz Output 23v 5A
Weight Total 380g
Measurements Length 283mm, Width 160mm, Thickness
Operation 30 or 60 minutes/ 1-3 sessions per day
Light irradiation intensity Set of 8 steps
Irradiation applied range Breast, lymph nodes
Wavelength spectrum 780nm~940nm
Chip quantity 368 total
Frequency levels 8 levels of pulse sign selected based on diseases — Dr. Paul Nogier frequencies
Pad Material Medical Optical Silicone
Authorization US FDA registered, European CE certification, KC, RoHS hazardous substance safety certification
Electrical Specs 15 AMP 110V


  • 1 year

Case Studies

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