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Exercise Secrets with Leslie Hoffman (Fitness TV Host)

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New Orleans-based fitness expert Leslie Hoffman produces and stars in the award-winning TV series Get Fit with Leslie. With a fitness career spanning 20+ years, Leslie joins Dr. Mitch to talk about her journey and to share exercise secrets she’s learned along the way.  

  1. Leslie’s journey from a jog at 19 to a Silver Telly-winning TV series
  2. Exercise tips and tricks for longevity
  3. How you can use trampolines and incline workouts to stay fit


We all know how important it is to stimulate the lymphatic system. I use the trampoline for a few minutes every day to get the lymphatic system going. I’m also a big advocate of lymphatic massage.

Topics Covered:

  • Her Fitness Spark. Learn how a comment from Leslie’s grandmother sparked her fitness career.
  • Fitness Fads to Avoid. Learn why “hot” exercise should be avoided.
  • Fitness Secrets. From trampolines and inclines to lymphatic massage, learn Leslie’s secrets for sustainable fitness.

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