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Long COVID Recovery – Star’s Experience with BAHI THERAPY

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Star Walters is a triathlete who’s always been health conscious. But after catching COVID-19, Star developed post-COVID syndrome with symptoms like fatigue and shortness of breath. Through a stroke of luck, she found BAHI Therapy—and following her first session began to see improvements.

  1. Star’s Long COVID experience
  2. How she found BAHI Therapy
  3. How BAHI alleviates Long COVID symptoms


COVID causes dysfunction of the mitochondria. The mitochondria are tiny little powerhouses within every cell from anywhere from a few hundred to thousands. And these mitochondria produce the energy that we need to be alive. When COVID hits, ATP is not made anywhere close to the optimal.

Topics Covered:

  • Long COVID. Learn how Star developed long COVID, the symptoms she felt, and some of the ways she addressed symptoms.
  • Resolving COVID with BAHI. Explore how BAHI Therapy (red light, hydrogen inhalation, hyperbaric oxygen, vibration) reverses many of the processes hit by COVID. From ATP production, to microcirculation, learn BAHI treatments work on these processes.

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