Restoring Clarity and Brain Function Post-COVID with BAHI Therapy

After having COVID-19, did you experience cognitive decline, mental fog, or struggles with memory processing? If so, you’re not alone.

In fact, about 40% of COVID patients experience neurological symptoms, according to emerging clinical data. Further, COVID 19 significantly increases the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

For example, according to a health review of more than 6 million adults over 65, there was a 69% increase in Alzheimer’s cases for those who had contracted COVID-19. The risk increased even more for those over 85 years old. The same study found that for patients 85 years old or older there was an 89% increase in dementia following the COVID virus. Additionally, increases in Parkinson’s ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke have also been observed in clinical trials.

Fortunately, there are emerging treatment options that can help patients manage and treat neurodegenerative conditions. And Hue Light is at the forefront of these exciting and revolutionary new treatment options. Our exclusive health-and-wellness protocol – BAHI Therapy – works to restore the body’s natural defense systems and stimulate repair in the body at the cellular level.

If you’re experiencing neurological symptoms after having COVID, BAHI Therapy offers an alternative to traditional treatments and is designed to help your body restore and repair itself.

What Is BAHI Therapy?

BAHI Therapy is short for Blood circulation, Antioxidant, Hormonal balance, and Immunity. Developed exclusively by Hue Light, BAHI Therapy combines four revolutionary therapies to target various health conditions by stimulating natural healing responses at the cellular level.

Some ways that it helps:

  • Blood Circulation – BAHI enhances the circulation in the body to ensure optimal delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
  • Antioxidant – BAHI restores the body’s natural production of antioxidants and provides safe dosage of molecular hydrogen (a powerful antioxidant). This helps to prevent or delay cell damage and neutralize free radicals in the body. HGo
  • Hormonal Balance – BAHI treatments aim to regulate hormones in the body to maintain balance.
  • Immunity – BAHI helps to stimulate and strengthen the body’s natural defense system, allowing it to repair and heal faster.

For those who are experiencing brain fog following COVID-19, the BAHI protocol works in tandem to restore and heal the body.

How Does BAHI Therapy Work?

BAHI Therapy uses four alternative treatments: Vibration therapy, photobiomodulation light therapy, hydrogen inhalation therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. When combined, these therapies have a synergistic effect, helping to accelerate rec PBM Therapy overy.

Here is a look at how these therapies work together:

  • Enhanced Cellular Function – BAHI Therapy works to restore cellular function comprehensively. Vibration therapy improves circulation, PBM light therapy aids in cellular activation, H2 therapy offers antioxidant properties, and HBOT enhances oxygenation.
  • Comprehensive Healing Approach – In tandem, these therapies offer a multi-faceted approach to healing, targeting various aspects of cellular health. They work together to optimize blood flow, reduce inflammation, balance oxidation processes, and maximize oxygen uptake.
  • Increased Efficiency – Because of these synergistic effects, it’s believed that BAHI Therapy has a more efficient effect than if a therapy was used alone. Therefore, BAHI may help to accelerate recovery and provide more comprehensive care.

If you’re experiencing neurological symptoms, BAHI offers support and can complement traditional treatments to get back on the path to clear thinking and a productive life.

Limiting the Risk of Neurodegenerative Disease, Improving Brain Function

COVID’s spike proteins affect every organ system in the body, and the damage they cause can have lingering effects. BAHI Therapy helps to reverse the damage the COVID virus causes.

Here are some specific studies that show these effects:

PBM Therapy for Cognitive Impairment

A summary of three case studies revealed promising evidence that photobiomodulation (PBM) may be an effective treatment for mild cognitive impairment. Conducted over a nine-week period through an 18-session course, the treatment resulted in improved memory and increased levels of emotional and functional independence for three individuals. Additionally, participants tolerated the treatment well without experiencing any adverse reactions. This encouraging data strongly implies that further exploration of PBM’s use for treating mild cognitive impairment through controlled studies is warranted.

HBOT Therapy to Increase Blood Flow

A 2021 study in mice suggested HBOT could help to reverse the vascular function and reduced bloodflow to the brain that’s common in Alzheimer’s patients. More research is being conducted on the neurogenesis and angiogenesis effects of HBOT.

Hydrogen Therapy for Alzheimer’s

A 2019 review of research highlighted molecular hydrogen therapy research, noting different ways that it can help to support Alzheimer’s patients. For one, it can help to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, which are leading causes of AD. Additionally, hydrogen can also stimulate energy metabolism to reduce neuronal damage.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few ways BAHI Therapy can help to reverse the neurological damage caused by COVID-19. See our case studies for more examples of the power health benefits of this revolutionary treatment and read our latest blog posts to learn more about the science of BAHI.

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