Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss: A Detailed Guide

Sustainable weight loss is a struggle for millions. In fact, more than 90% of people who lose a significant amount of weight gain it back.

One reason: Many weight loss plans only consider diet and exercise. They don’t account for a person’s energy levels, wellness, or mental health.

Research suggests that a holistic approach leads to more sustainable results. This approach would include additional health and wellness treatments, as well as diet and exercise.

Red light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that is gaining in popularity. That may offer support as a holistic weight loss treatment.

Red light therapy uses red and near-infrared light to help the body heal. And for weight loss, red light therapy can be effective. For example, red light therapy may help to improve fat cell activity in the body, increase metabolism, and boost overall energy levels. These benefits may help stimulate weight loss.

Interested in how you can use red light therapy to meet your weight loss goals? If so, you might be wondering: Does red light therapy work for weight loss? And how does it work? This guide offers a close look at red light therapy for weight loss, how it helps, and the science behind it.

How Red Light Therapy Works

Red light therapy exposes the skin to red light. Light energy is absorbed at the cellular level, and the interaction boosts cell energy and activates the body’s healing response.

Here’s a look at the science of red light therapy:

  • Mitochondria Absorption: Red light penetrates deep into the skin and cells. Mitochondria, the power generators of cells, absorbs red light energy.
  • Energy Production: Mitochondria generates energy for the cells. This energy promotes:
    • Natural healing capabilities
    • Cellular growth
    • Produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This molecule oversees the storage and transport of energy at the cellular level.
  • Cellular Benefits: An increase in ATP can lead to various cellular healing benefits. For example, a boost in ATP may help facilitate faster recovery, boost metabolism, and reduce inflammation.

Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss: An Overview

When used for weight loss, red light therapy improves and stimulates cellular activities that may help with weight loss. For example, the therapy may trigger a response that releases stubborn fat, increases metabolism, and improves overall wellness.

Here are some ways RLT may stimulate weight loss:

  • Stubborn Fat: Some studies suggest RLT may target and break down fat tissue. Through a process known as lipolysis, RLT might help to release stubborn fat cells.
  • Improved Metabolism: Red light therapy boosts cellular energy production, thus contributing to efficient metabolism. This increased energy helps the body burn calories and may contribute to weight loss.
  • Reduced Inflammation: Excess weight can signify higher inflammation. Red light therapy may produce anti-inflammatory effects, thus supporting weight loss efforts.
  • Appetite Control: Some research has shown red light therapy stimulates the release of hormones that regulate hunger. Theoretically, this may help support weight loss.
  • Stress Reduction: Stress is a significant factor in weight gain. As RLT is known to reduce stress, it may help to support healthier eating and overall health.

There are numerous potentials benefits to photobiomodulation and red light therapy.

The Science Behind Red Light Therapy and Weight Loss

Several studies have examined the link between red light therapy for weight loss. Although results have been promising, more research is necessary to establish conclusive evidence. Here are some important findings from recent studies:

  • Mitochondrial Stimulation

    • RLT can enter the skin and reach mitochondria, which makes energy for cells.
    • This interaction enhances ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production and promote higher energy.
  • Lipid Metabolism

    • Many studies suggest that red light therapy targets fat cells.
    • It helps the body get rid of fat cells and speed up metabolism.
  • Mitochondrial Biogenesis

    • This is the process of generating new mitochondria, and it may stimulate metabolism.
    • Oxidation, low calories, and exercise influence mitochondrial biogenesis.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Red Light Therapy

Comparative Analysis: Red Light Therapy vs. Other Weight Loss Methods

Red Light Therapy (RLT) Other Weight Loss Methods
Technique Non-invasive and natural. Uses red light to stimulate weight loss, healing, better skin, etc. Targets only weight loss, unlike RLT. This includes diet plans, surgery, medications, exercise, etc.
How It Works Activates mitochondria, increases energy, and targets fat cells for potential weight loss. Restricting calorie intake, undergoing surgery, increasing physical activity, potential side-effects of medication, etc.
Primary Benefits Promote healing, metabolism, tissue repair, and potential fat reduction. Increased energy, healthy lifestyle, improved mental health, etc.
Invasiveness Non-invasive and natural. Non-invasive (diet, medicines, and exercise) to invasive (fat loss surgery).
Side Effects Minimal to none (such as temporary heat burns). Excessive cravings, surgical risks, side effects of medicines, etc.
Compatibility with other treatments Highly compatible and does not disrupt daily activities. Depends on the weight loss method and individual health
Additional Benefits Improved skin complexion and hair health, better wound-healing capacity. Weight loss tends to result in better heart health, improved mental health, and more.
Consultation Consultation is recommended. Not necessary, depending on the treatment.

How to Choose the Right Red Light Therapy Device for Weight Loss

If you’re looking for at-home devices or a red light therapy clinic, you should understand the basics of RLT devices. Here are some basics to consider:

  • Wavelength and Power

    The device should have red light wavelengths between 610 and 750 nanometers. These wavelengths are best for stimulating cells.

  • Device Type

    Red light therapy devices come in different styles. The most common are full-body chambers, lamps, red light mats, and handheld devices.

  • Treatment Areas

    A full-body photobiomodulation bed offers a whole-body approach, targeting all areas. Mats or lamps, on the other hand, target specific areas like the backs of the arms.

  • Quality and Durability

    When buying an at-home device, choose an established company and read reviews to check the quality. The best red light devices are backed by warranty.

  • Safety Features

    Check for devices that are FDA registered. Red light therapy beds should include safety features like remote-control access and automatic timers.

  • Reviews and Testimonials

    If you’re looking for a wellness clinic that offers red light therapy, be sure to check reviews. Many companies offer red light therapy, but not all are reputable.

  • Doctor’s Consultation

    Consult with a healthcare professional before using red light therapy for weight loss. A healthcare professional will help you understand the number of sessions you may need, potential side effects, and if RLT is right for you.

Note: RLT results may vary depending on individual goals, consistency, and lifestyle.

Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss

Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss

Incorporating Red Light Therapy into Your Weight Loss Routine

Follow these simple steps to ensure best results with at-home red light therapy

  • Start by establishing a routine
  • It’s always better if you allot a dedicated space to reduce interruptions
  • For better and faster results, include exercise and a healthy diet in your routine
  • Focus red light on your targeted weight-loss areas
  • NEVER forget to stay hydrated, so drink lots of fluids throughout the day!
  • Always follow safety guidelines and protect your eyes during RLT therapy
  • Maintain a record and track progress to understand effects
  • It is IMPORTANT to stay consistent and not miss sessions for best result
  • The body is the most energetic in the morning, so start the day with morning sessions!

Wondering how many sessions you need to see results? The answer is that it depends. However, some research suggests 3 sessions per week is a good starting point.

Safety and Precautions: What You Need to Know About Red Light Therapy

1. Protect Your Eyes 1. Eye Discomfort
Wear suitable eye protection gear, especially during facial treatments. Reported cases are rare. However, sudden and prolonged exposure to bright light can harm the eyes, causing discomfort or vision issues.
2. Distance from the Device 2. Skin Irritation
Maintain the recommended distance from the light source, as well as the recommendations for length of exposure. Red light devices can get hot. This heat can result in burns, redness, or rash (especially for individuals with sensitive skin).
3. Skin Sensitivity 3. Headaches or Eyestrain
If you have sensitive skin, consult with a healthcare professional prior to using RLT. Prolonged exposure to intense light may result in headaches, eye pain, or strains.
4. Treatment Duration and Frequency 4. Heat Sensation
Ask your doctor about recommended treatment frequencies. It may range from 5 – 20 minutes per session, 2-3 times per week. The warmth of the red light may cause mild skin sensations during or after RLT sessions.
5. Device Quality: 5. Not Recommended for:
Ensure you use trusted, reputable companies with certified, high-quality devices with appropriate warranties. Consult with a doctor if you experience seizures, are using medications, are pregnant, have sensitive skin or a skin condition.


Red light therapy is a natural way to help the body heal and feel better. Research has found that RLT has positive effects on cells and the entire body. It is a promising treatment for wellness and weight loss.

However, we still need more research to prove that red light therapy can help with weight loss. Yet, even though the connection is not fully understood, RLT offers numerous benefits. It can help to improve sleep quality, improve mental health, resolve skin conditions, and more.

Want to experience the benefits of red light therapy at home or within your wellness clinic? Hue Light USA offers a wide range of FDA registered red light therapy devices. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a direct reference to any products offered by Hue Light USA or any specific brand. We do not claim that our products can achieve the effects or benefits discussed in this content. This information should not be interpreted as medical advice or as an endorsement of any specific product or treatment. We encourage readers to conduct their own research and consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any decisions regarding their health or wellness regimen.

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