13 Vibration Plate Exercises to Try (Getting Started with Vibration Exercise)

Want a low-impact workout that maximizes calorie burn? Try vibration plate exercise.

Using a vibration therapy machine in workouts will elevate your fitness. Not only do you get in a workout. But by adding vibration, you can experience added benefits like:

  • Improved balanced
  • Reduced bone loss
  • Strengthening and toning
  • More calories burned
  • Lose weight

In fact, one study found vibration exercise increased energy expenditure by 20 percent. And according to Mayo Clinic, exercise with a vibration plate may help to improve balance and prevent falls.

Fortunately, vibration plate exercise is easy. You’ll do strength training exercises you’re already familiar with (but do them on a vibration platform). The vibration triggers muscle contraction, and your muscles work harder without increasing impact. It’s a win-win for your workouts.

What vibration platform exercises should you try? This illustrated guide shows how to do a low-impact vibration platform workout. Get started with these 13 vibration machine exercises.

Vibration Plate Workouts – Best Exercises to Try

Proper form is the key to any successful workout. And that’s certainly true about workouts on a vibration therapy machine.

Fortunately, the majority of these exercises you will already recognize. Just use the right frequencies on the vibration machine and correct body positioning to ensure safety. Also, like when any workout, consult with your physician before getting started.

These are 13 easy vibration plate exercises and stretches to try out in your next workout:

Upper Body Vibration Plate Exercises

Upper Body Vibration Plate Exercises

These vibration machine exercises will help you improve shoulder, arm and back strength:

1. Push Up

Frequency: 10-14 Hz

Targeted Area: Arms / Chest

A standard push up works great with a vibration fitness machine. First, you’ll lay face down over the machine, with your knees on the ground. You can then extend your arms to take a push-up pose. When performing the exercise, you’ll want to avoid bending at the waist.

Push ups are an effective body-weight exercise for improving muscle strength in the chest, shoulders and triceps. Doing push ups with a vibration machine may help to improve toning, as your muscles contract faster and with more force.

2. Chest Stretching

Frequency: 8-12 Hz

Targeted Area: Chest

Stretching on a vibration machine will help to build balance. This is a useful stretch to open the chest muscles. It’s a great pre-workout warmup.

To perform the stretch, sit on the edge of the vibration platform with your waist and back straight. Then, reach back with one arm, while extending the chest muscles forward. Avoid twisting the upper body or leaning backward during this stretch.

3. Back Rowing

Frequency: 13-18 Hz

Targeted Area: Back

Use this exercise to stretch and strengthen back muscles. The goal is to squeeze the shoulder blades together and then release. Stand on the vibration platform with your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight. Extend your arms in front of you. Then, while maintaining your arms parallel to the floor, push your elbows back to contract the shoulders.

For a challenge, add hand weights. This exercise helps tone and strengthen your lats and can help to improve posture.

4. Spine Rolls

Frequency: 13-18 Hz

Targeted Area: Back

This is another great stretch to try on a vibration fitness machine. It targets the erector spinae, the muscles that run the length of the spine, as well as the obliques and core.

To perform the stretch, stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hold onto the machine’s handles. Then, push your back convex outward away from the handles, while bending your knees slightly and raising the pelvis up. Extend your arms and pull your chin towards the chest.

Vibration Machine Exercises

5. Shoulder Press

Frequency: 10-14 Hz

Targeted Area: Shoulders

Try this vibration exercise for the shoulders. Stand on the floor facing the exercise plate. Then, bend your upper body and place your hands on the plate (with your fingers facing inward). Finally, raise your heels to position the shoulders and hands in a vertical line.

Continue to contract and relax in sets of 10 to 20 reps.

6. Lateral Raise

Frequency: 5-6 Hz

Targeted Area: Shoulders

Take a square stance on the platform and extend your arms to shoulder level. Lift your arms up and down slightly for about 5 seconds, then relax. You can repeat this until your shoulders are tired.

A variation: Try lateral side raises. You’ll take the same pose, but slowly lower your arms down toward your sides. For an added challenge, you can add free weights. Raises are a great resistance exercise that builds shoulder stability and definition.

7. Triceps Dip

Frequency: 11-15 Hz

Targeted Area: Arms

Sit on the edge of the vibration platform facing forward and hold the edge. Pull your hips forward off of the plate, bend the elbows, and then support the weight with your arms. Then, bend the elbows to dip your body down without raising the shoulders.

This type of vibration exercise may help increase blood flow to the shoulders and reduce inflammation.

Vibration Plate Workouts

8. Wrist Stretch

Frequency: 13-16 Hz

Targeted Area: Arms / Hands

Kneel on the floor facing the plate and rest your hands on the platform. Turn your wrists around so that your fingers face toward you. Keep your hands firmly on the plate, while pushing your hips backward. This will stretch the muscles in and around the wrist.

Lower Body Vibration Platform Exercises

These vibration machine exercises target the calves, glutes and core muscles:

9. Standard Squat

Frequency: 12-16 Hz

Targeted Area: Legs

Take a square stance on the center of the platform. Hold the handles and keep the back straight. Then, slowly push the hips outward and push your upper body forward, while taking a seated position. When doing squats on the vibration machine, be sure to keep your back straight.

One tip: Keep a light grip on the handle and avoid using force. If you pull yourself up, you’ll reduce the impact of this exercise. The gentle vibrations create an unstable surface. This helps to increase muscle activation for this exercise.

10. T-Balance

Frequency: 13-17 Hz

Targeted Area: Legs

Stand on the center of the platform and hold the handle. Then, slowly raise one leg backward and push your upper body forward until a T-shape is formed. This vibration exercise improves balance.

As you lean forward, keep the knee of the supporting leg extended and hold the weight in your heel. Also, avoid twisting the pelvis while you extend the leg out.

Lower Body Vibration Plate Exercises

11. Calf Raise

Frequency: 12-18 Hz

Targeted Area: Legs

Stand at the center of vibration platform and hold the handle. Bend your knees slightly. Then, push the weight into your toes and lift the back of your foot off the plate and maintain this position for about 10 seconds.

In addition to working out the calves, this exercise improves stability. One tip: Avoid raising your foot too far off the platform. This can overload the ligament and cause soreness.

12. Crunch

Frequency: 10-14 Hz

Targeted Area: Core

Lie down on the vibration machine and place your hands under your head. Bend your knees about 90 degrees and crunch your head and knees together. You’ll want to keep your eyes and chin facing forward towards your belly button to avoid putting strain on the spine.

Performing crunches on a vibration plate improves core stability and will more fully engage your core.

13. Cobra Stretch

Frequency: 9-13 Hz

Targeted Area: Core

Lie with your belly on the vibration platform and put your hands down on the floor in front of the plate. Raise your upper body by extending your arms. At the same time, lift your legs up to induce tension in your hips.

This stretch activates a wide variety of muscles, including the back, chest and core. It also opens the shoulders and improves spine flexibility, making this a great warm-up stretch.

Do Vibration Exercise Platforms Work?

Vibration fitness machines use whole-body vibration to stimulate muscle contractions.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

The platform transmits vibrations throughout the body, which may help stimulate weight loss, build muscle and reduce pain. The research on vibration exercise is still emerging. However, there have been positive results showing its efficacy.

One study explored vibration exercise for weight loss found that that body fat percentage decreased by 3.2% after 8 months. However, other studies on fat loss have been less conclusive. Ultimately, for best results, vibration training should be a part of a regular exercise plan and a healthy diet.

Another study found that vibration platform exercises resulted in a great calorie expenditure of about 20%. If a vibration therapy workout burned 200 calories, the non-vibration workout would burn about 160 calories.

A study from 2014 also found that vibration exercise increased stability, as well as improved lower body muscle endurance. In addition to balance and calorie expenditure, an animal study found vibration exercise has a positive impact on hyperglycemia and insulin resistance.

Vibration Plate Exercises: 10 Things to Consider

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